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Rule Law is a unique practice combining advocacy, mediation, estate planning and legal tools to assist individuals and families experiencing disability.  Planning for an inclusive and supported life for an individual with an intellectual, mental health or physical disability can be overwhelming and confusing.   Paula Lackore Rule will help you with:

*Educational Advocacy for special education services

*"Life Planning": Financial and legal planning for all stages of life's transitions:  Preschool to school, school to adult, and aging and retirement.  Life planning services offer an evaluation of the level of support you or your family member will need for a lifetime, and consideration of the available tools to create such support.  Powers of Attorney, Guardianships,  Advance directives, Letters of Intent, Wills, and Trusts.. .including SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS are all tools which we explore to create a personalized life plan. 

ABOUT PAULA LACKORE RULE:  Paula Lackore Rule has been a disability advocate for over 25 years.  She has navigated educational, medical, mental health, and community support systems on behalf of her own daughter and countless other families and individuals with disabilities.  Paula is a graduate of Duquesne University School of Law and the College of William and Mary.  Paula is committed to creating lifetime supports for individuals with the most complex needs, and to creating an inclusive society where all belong.

Special Education

Negotiating appropriate educational services and supports under IDEA, Section 504, and ADA

Life Planning

Creating a personal and legal life plan that works for you and provides peace of mind for the future.


Access to private mediation and support services as an alternative dispute resolution option